Thursday, November 23, 2006

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My computer is sick. I don't know whether it's a virus or a new program is in conflict with an old one. I'm on my husband's computer and for my sanity, I'm so grateful he has one. This one came from our son's girlfriend. She plays all kinds of games and this one wasn't fast enough for her, but for us, it's a speed demon. (Later..My son fixed my computer!)
Today is Thanksgiving and Harry is downstairs cooking. I've been putting up paintings and I need to go downstairs and clean the bathroom. Mom-in-law is downstairs watching TV and her sofa bed is still open with the blankets on it. I'm happy with that sofa; it's pretty and it matches the leather one. I'm happy with the whole house. I feel blessed with it. Uh oh. My cousin may be here and I'll have to go. He'll be helping with the heavy stuff.

Later...My daughter redesigned my bedroom and it looks better. Cousin Jerry and my daughter hung a big mirror and paintings. Later, dinner was very fine. I made Challah (egg bread) filling yesterday and Harry made everything else including roasted chestnuts. Our son and his girlfriend came and I said stupid stuff about our friend's grandchildren going to Catholic School now. (Their mom, our friend's daughter is Jewish.) I assume most people are proprietary about their heritage. Why I would want my grandchildren to carry on a history that draws hatred and murder sounds nuts even to me. We Jews, I think at least partly because of the hatred directed against us, are often more solidly rooted in our Jewishness. I suspect this is common among scapegoated cultures. It feels like every Jewish child lost is a jewel squandered.

I'm reading The Lost, a book by Mendelsohn about his six relatives murdered in the Holocaust. I've read probably dozens of books about the Holocaust. I'm driven to read them. But I do also read about the genocide in Darfur and the other governments in the world that periodically break down and hundreds--thousands--of people are cut down. Iraq is basically beside the point. That is insanity sparked by an idiot?, a zealot?, a megalomaniac.

So our Thanksgiving was fun. Bubba gave orders and I talked about Jewish children and Catholic school thereby embarrassing our son's girlfriend, who was raised Catholic, even if they both are confirmed atheists now. She's sweet and shy and I was so sorry, but once something leaves your mouth, it's out there.

It's already 12:30 AM. I still have my night stuff to do. But I do give thanks this day for having been gifted with so much. I have a husband who adores me; wonderful children; a close loving family; good friends; adorable kitties; reasonably good health; and my dream house. And more. I'm truly grateful.




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