Thursday, December 07, 2006

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Symptoms That Aren't Going To Show Up For Tests

Here are Moon and Autumn, my kittens. Only Harry, our daughter and I ever see Autumn because she is so shy. So here is her photo, to prove she exists!
I'm still under the weather and I should be in bed. This is barely a flare, just the Lupus fatigue. I went with Harry to Philly today to see his mom's social worker and go with Harry to his doctor. His doc thought that my docs should be taking my painful feet seriously. He urged me to switch doctors. Tomorrow is my pulmonary function test at Christiana Hospital. What worries me is that I'll be fine for the tests and the problems I have won't show up. I want to know what is wrong. I believe whatever it is isn't serious; it's just slightly beyond normal. But what is happening?
I have procrastinated finding doctors down here and even before that, making a list of my previous and present symptoms. I have old lists from the times I desperately needed them but none recent.
I could just stay in my house, never stepping off the property. I'm happy here.




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