Saturday, November 25, 2006

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My Feet Hurt!

My afternoon...This is my evening, at 11:45 PM. I'm in mild pain. On a scale of 1-10, just for my feet, it's a 6 now on a day and evening of hills and valleys of pain. My right big toe inner edge has been numb for about six months and it's spread now to a whole half my toe or so. That seems such a puny complaint, but peripheral neuropathy-- if that's really what it is, and I believe so-- keeps spreading.
When we got home this afternoon, after the long drive to Philly and shopping here, I felt under the weather. My feet burned and didn't stop. I was afraid to take Neurontin even though that's what Neurontin is for. The medication never stopped the pain though. So far, nothing has. I tried Irish Whiskey tonight and that didn't help either.
I finished the picture of the parrot for the author folks. I used a conure, which is a parrot, but it didn't occur to me until after I was done, they may have pictured a green parrot. Conures aren't typical, although I guess people could tell it was an exotic bird. It's a pretty drawing and I'll put it on here probably tomorrow. I have to give the drawing to the authors, and I hate to do that. I'm willing to part with drawings I like only when I get paid and even then, I'm not too happy. It's never enough if I am really attached to them.
My daughter got me to hang the paintings I really like. I need to frame a couple new ones. There are only a couple I'm crazy about. One is the Little Guy and another is The Singer. Oh, I forgot, also the few I hung in my office: Alexis, Beaded Lady; Officer and Mrs. Polis; and the one with the bearded guy in a dress. I guess I like a couple more too. We've got Dukie, the dog, in the bedroom, with Miami Moon and Blue Nude. I do love Miami Moon. I have to shut up; this doesn't feel right.
I have to get ready for bed. I'm tired. My book is downstairs and I might like to read a little. I'm trying to finish "The Lost", about the holocaust because it's 500 pages and a library book. I haven't been buying books and I wish I owned this one. The guy is a great writer and it's not like great writers grow on trees. (They write on them. hehe) Okay, good night.




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