Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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This IS an especially busy and stressful time of the year. The roads and stores are clogged and slower. There is pressure to have everything including presents and a clean house ready. I told my girlfriend today, who was overwhelmed and saying she had to CLEAN, just to dust where people put down their food. That's one table. Nobody even notices any of that unless their shoes either stick to the floor or it's crunchy underfoot. I think it's fine but people have complained about the animal hair from my furniture and car. I guess it's not fine, huh? But especially for people with an autoimmune illness, it's important to take it easy. Stress can cut us down to size in a New York minute. I ate somewhat terribly today and that tells me to write down the yucky stuff that made the trip to my stomach. Ah, well, trying to lose weight is a struggle, especially in the beginning.' I'm feeling hopeless over food. Not only did I binge on raisins and nuts when I was hungry this afternoon, but I ate ice cream and cookies after dinner. The dinner was reasonable but Harry buys ice cream--for himself--and it's like a beacon to me. I realize now that once I eat sugar, I want more. That's where the cookies came in. I purposely froze them in the hope I'd leave them for company. That's still my hope and if I hit them again, I'll give them to the kids nearby. Or I'll try.



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