Sunday, April 06, 2008

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My Day

Not much is doing here. I'm painting the frame on my newest finished painting. It turned out that yellow was the right color. I like the lattice stripping frames because they don't intrude on the paintings. Even though it hurts to stand for a long time, I'm still painting. I'm more forgetful because of the pain. I didn't go to Tai Chi or swimming this week because I was afraid of the pain. Both involve standing for an hour. However, I did go shopping three days in a row, and yesterday, I spent at least an hour at Penny's. I'd been looking for another quilt or coverlet for our bed. The pretty one we bought--turquoise to match the bed frame and walls--was dirty. Our cats, especially Moon, are big shedders. I wanted another quilt so I could change off and keep them clean. I wanted turquoise though and that was impossible to find. They had one online, and I probably should have stuck with that, but I finally found and bought one that's light blue-green. I can't think of the name of the color. I also bought two new sheets because ours are wearing out and they were on sale at both Penny's and Kohl's. The only store that's not nearby is Target, and Whole Foods for gourmet food. Every time I go to Philly, I'm very thankful we've moved to Delaware. Delaware is so much more livable. Anymore, I hate to be in Philly. Drivers honk if you make a turn, or pull into a parking spot because it slows them down. They honk if you don't rush into traffic the second the light turns green. And people run the red lights every time, usually long after it's turned. On city streets cars drive up to seventy miles an hour and people are surprised pedestrians are killed so often. At least once every couple of weeks, there is a hit and run of a child. I guess the adults aren't as newsworthy. A nun was run down about five months ago and no one was ever charged. Philly is changing. The nature of it is becoming meaner. xoxoJaynee




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