Sunday, April 06, 2008

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A number of times, when I was asleep, I believe I visited "the other side", to a place like an auditorium where people sat staring straight ahead. I've seen my brother at least once in one of those although he was in a smaller room. I've been praying for him to be in a place he chooses, with our family, doing whatever he wants. I don't know what that place is, but it's not a happy place. Not horrible at all, but I don't like it. It feels like a lost place. So I pray for him.One night, when I'd been depressed for a day or two, he came, hugged me, and just showered me with love and compassion.Last night, he came and hugged me, needing compassion and I held him. I hope I'm not keeping him tied to earth. My heart breaks for having lost him, but I feel very close to him now regardless. I wish I knew what really goes on.xoxoJaynee



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