Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Painterjayne Cane? Art Garage?

My Gorgeous Cane that took three months to paint, but it was worth it. I'm planning to make them for sale now.

This is probably my last post before my shoulder surgery Tuesday. Tomorrow, we go to Philly from the early morning and won't get back till late at night. The surgery is Tuesday and I have to be there at seven in the morning. I'm tired now. Jerry's--bless his immortal soul, kiss kiss--friend is here today to pick up concert shirts and tickets Jerry left him. For years, they went together to all the heavy metal concerts in the Delaware Valley. Russell, the friend, helped me with the garage. I was able to throw away a trash can full. Brian picked up the treadmill yesterday and soon he'll get all the stuff we stored for him while he was in an apartment. Then I'll see more boxes and get rid of what is in them. With Russell, and yesterday, with our daughter's boyfriend, I figured out the way to use the garage. I am so pleased and excited. Most of my life, since I'm almost sixty, I have wanted my own gallery. Maybe I'll call it Garaje or Cochera Painterjayne. Those are garage in Spanish. Or Cochera de Painterjayne. Nah. Garaje Painterjayne sounds better. Or Garaje Atelier. Garage Studio. There are a lot of Hispanic people here though, and I'm not. I don't want to give the impression I am. People will come in looking for paintings of bullfighters on black velvet. Tableaux--whew and wow! I do like, no, I love the sound of French. I have to mention it's a garage. I like Art Garage too. That would allow me to show other people's work too. That would be fun.
I put my cane up on here as the picture today. I'm planning to paint and sell them. A lot of people like them and most of us are fat with knees that are buckling under avoirdupois. (Isn't that a marvelous word for fat hanging down!?) I know it's embarassing, but I'm fat so I feel entitled to tactlessness. Honestly, most people who consider themselves fat don't look bad to me. If I spent big bucks for clothes, I could look good too. Anyway, it is true that being overweight is hard on our joints. So is Lupus, balance problems, Arthritis, etc. So I'm hoping I can provide a cane that's an abstract painting for about $75. I have to see how much everything costs.


Friday, September 21, 2007

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Cancelling the Exhibit..

I'm not feeling well at all right now. I've taken medicine for migraines but it hasn't worked completely. Today, I cancelled my exhibit scheduled to start next week. The gallery owner is a young kid who has been driving me nuts. First, he wanted to varnish three ancient paintings for $50 each and I said "No". I think he was angry about that which appeared to be reflected in his very terse press release about the show. Not only was it pretty empty, but it identified me as a Delaware native. Then, for his opinion, I showed him a photo of my newest painting and the price for which I was selling it. He wanted one-third of the price and threatened me. Although we hadn't discussed it, he thought he was my Delaware representative. My feeling was he was just showing the work we'd agreed on for the month of October. I think I was at fault for asking if he would permit me to show the painting already sold before the show. Normally, galleries wouldn't expect a cut of a painting's sale sold before an exhibit. In fact, I never heard of that. The fellow appeared to believe I desperately wanted gallery representation and would go along with anything he said. However, that idea is far from my personal feelings. I can't stand galleries and all their snobbery and total bullshit. My dream has always been to show my own paintings on my own. Period. The only reason I agreed to show in his gallery was that he asked and seemed low-key. I don't approach galleries anymore and I never sent any money for anybody to review my slides for a show.

I'm thin-skinned about my paintings. Each one is a piece of my heart. If I could handle rejection of my work, I probably would have done better financially. It's probably my downfall. But, then again, I'm blessed to be able to paint and I'm eternally grateful. I don't by any means think I'm the best or anything in that realm; I'm just grateful to be able to pick up a paint brush or use my fingers to apply paint to a canvas, eventually designing something I'm proud of at least for a minute.