Friday, April 22, 2011

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Holiday Saturday!

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, er, Saturday. We celebrate holidays on Saturdays because most of our family work and they prefer a non-working night. The kids cook up these fabulous meals and we have nothing to do except enjoy ourselves, so we're happy to celebrate. Grateful.
I visit Harry every day. He's still in the nursing home gradually increasing his agility with his new knee. I've been bringing him food and, beginning yesterday, putting too much food into my own mouth. Today, I dined out on a fancy hot dog and fries. The fries were the problem. Nowadays, meals are huge. The fries were enough for three people to share and they were well-done, the way I like.
After my restaurant meal, I hit Home Depot for a gift for our son and daughter-in-law. I examined every plant for the most difficult to kill and finally settled on a big rose bush. Our new daughter likes roses. I hope she likes this one.
My plants are sitting in our backyard mostly. I'm still waiting to see if some of the plants not yet budding have died. I bought plants on sale and dug holes already. Most of the holes could be for any size plants or shrubs. After the rains, it's always a surprise how easy it is to shovel. I'm excited about putting in more hollies and Azaleas. I didn't plan to have more Azaleas, but they were so cheap, I couldn't resist.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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My LIfe With Harry's Knee Replacement

Harry's down here in a nursing home, getting rehab, learning how to use his new knee. I'm home with the cats. Life is easy for me and then I go sit with Harry and we read the paper and talk, ignoring his roommate (who doesn't talk anyway). Tomorrow, I'll do a doctor's appointment, then buy Chinese food for Harry. Today I made doctors and insurance phone calls and sundries shopping, then Harry.
I keep trying to get Harry to come home, even though life is so easy. When Harry gets home, I'll be busy cooking and serving him, but I still will feel better when he's home. The hospital would have released him to come home if he had been able to do what he can now. He has good physical and occupational therapists who want more for him, so I can't expect him home till at least next week.
All is well and it will be better soon.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

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Can I leave the computer and Fishdom? Is it possible? Nah.....

Monday, April 04, 2011

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Getting ready to leave the house...again. This time, it's to the cardiologist for Harry and me, then to Home Depot, for soil and stuff. After a day of "out", I like to stay in the house, get my little jobs done, and paint. I can paint at night, no problem, but I feel as though I'm being dragged out. I'm not.
I have nine million weeds to pull, then spread the stuff that's supposed to prevent them returning. Good luck. Last year, they kept coming until I sprayed the weed killer that was supposed to kill only them. The plant guys at Home Depot said that stuff kills everything, so I didn't buy it this year. Time will tell, if the plants come back or not. Right now, it's those day lilies all over. More are coming. They're beautiful, but this year, I'm not enjoying them like I did. I'm looking, waiting, to see if the rest will come up too. My hostas haven't broken the surface yet. The Azaleas all seemed to come through the winter well, better than I ever expected. Some of them, I had to spray for death fungus over and over last summer. A lot of the Rhododendrons are limping, but they're alive. What the hell!? They're on crutches.

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