Thursday, September 04, 2014

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  My computer needs to be restarted.  It's acting strangely and I know.... It's bedtime.  I had things to do I never did and won't do now.  Tomorrow is busy so I probably won't do them tomorrow either.  I didn't paint today. I forgot.  I dug holes late this afternoon after it got a little cooler.  Not cool enough, but I did it.  I stepped in one of the holes I dug a couple of months ago.  I dug lots of holes then in the lawn adjacent to next door.  I don't want to see our neighbors.  They turned out to be a problem.  I can't even describe what's wrong with them and certainly not why.  I don't know, but it is what it is.
  I've propagated some Verbena and at least one Lilac plus other shrubs and flowers.  As the weather cools, I'll be planting them.  I'm trying to make some kind of setting, not a mess.  Out front on that piece I mentioned, right now, it's a mess with tons of different plants.  I like everything blooming or green.  No mulch or spaced plants.
  My studio looks out onto my back garden.  The front is a step-child. The back is my baby.  My patio is pretty private.  One side is blocked by the garage and the other by tall Roses of Sharon.  That neighbor could still look out her window and see me.  I'm not hiding. That's okay.  I lounge around in good weather and read out there.  Today, I sat on the deck, drank my coffee and just looked at the treetops.  Coming from rowhouses all my life, this is heaven, even with bad neighbors.  (I was SO upset. I'm just starting to feel better and it's been since the beginning of July.  With Lupus, I'm worried about stress and depression. I feel like I lost two months of my life and going out west.  That worry never left my mind. There's actually a law against harassing old people down here, but it's treated like a law about watering dray horses.) So...I have the garden and a house bigger than I've ever had before.  It's easier to keep clean than the old rowhouse with carpeting.  The cats and dog shed like crazy so there's always floating fur congregating on the steps.  I hate that so I clean it, but it's not that time consuming.  I don't expect myself to clean overmuch; I'm 66.  
  As an older woman, I get "Honeyed, Dearied, and Sweetied" in restaurants. That's fine. I like it.  It's an easier life.  I get to paint and garden.  So maybe life will return to a normal now that the neighbors put up a fence. (They forced us to take ours down.)  It's a nice fence and my garden is coming along.