Monday, August 05, 2013

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Fading Into the Woodwork and Surviving Well

Fading Into the Woodwork is Tolerable
Well, I not popular in school,  I was quiet, nice, fading into the woodwork, I remember virtually no names, and almost no one remembers me. I could have stayed home and still gotten the report cards. I would have been happier. Not that anybody back there would care, and I would love them to but since I can't change that, I'm happy for me. I'm a reasonably talented real artist--not like Aunt Jenny who used to paint farmhouses or a granddaughter who colors nicely. I'm inordinately proud I earned a scholarship to the same excellent art school as Eakins, and, well I can't remember names--some of my favorites. I've got a solo exhibition coming up. I just returned from three weeks in Europe with my brother. The fact that we're close, I'm still married to the same man (for 48 years), our two children are normal, smart, and good people--that's all success and it's a good life. We're down here in Delaware where I paint, garden, and care for the animals. There isn't that much more to life.
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