Sunday, July 30, 2006

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My New House!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

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All I know is building a half-Ass website

I can't believe it: Harry's and my websites are off the air. We didn't renew the domains so--pouf! I just paid so they'll be back..whenever. I had no idea. I've been busy either cleaning this house, looking for a new house, sleeping, eating, or taking baths. That's it. But we went to Delaware Tuesday and found OUR house. I tried just now to paste in a pic, but it won't take it. Oh, well. The house is beautiful, as close to perfect as anyone can get in a house. It's the same size as ours now except the dining room is smaller and there are two more rooms, one a gorgeous sun room. And there's a giant garage behind the house. It's a split level with a quarter acre. I don't feel like writing so I'll have to say more next time. I guess I'm aggravated about the websites and my total lack of understanding relating to that.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Maybe Selling The House

This is one of my favorite pictures even though I don't believe in the philosophy behind it. I like the way it came out and the closeness you can see between the man and woman. The guys all loved the way she was built--she normally wore short, sexy clothes to parties with her boyfriend--but I didn't really understand what was going on. Why did she acquiesce to his desires and act as though she didn't want to? But they were happy and didn't need me to understand. Sometimes I don't have the capacity to get inside another person's brain and see life the way they do. I knew she was an unhappy person and he was brimming with anger and ambition. She seemed to feel beaten after a bitter divorce, but she had a career and probably more to offer than he did. I forget how little work matters outside what can be bought with the money you make. He had flair and determination..and the will to rule her life. It satified him and I guess, kept her from taking responsibility. Ah, well, you meet a lot of people in life and painting them gives me some insight most of the time.
I hope when we move I have some different subjects to paint--trees, places, and people. Plus my abstracts. We had our first and very possibly only offer on the house. Apparently, it looks good even though it's way less money than I hoped. The paperwork will be in Philly Saturday and we'll find out whether it's a go. Tomorrow Harry and I are meeting a realtor in Newark, Delaware to look at some houses. I wanted to go look at neighborhoods but my nature surfaced and I couldn't resist going inside. I'm hoping the sale goes through and we're moving on to the next phase of the moving process. There are a lot of things I'd like in a new home and the more of them I see the more what I want becomes clear.
By the way, the reason I haven't written for a while was our electricity--the box--was repaired but not correctly and the air conditioning and lights were off in here. It was unbearable between the heat and the kitty litter. This is the box the kittens poop in and sometimes I feel as though I'm going to pass out either when I'm cleaning it or just being in the room while they're relieving themselves. (I do change it frequently.)
I think everything that's fixed or not will stay that way if the sale goes through. I'm so tired of painting and working till 8 at night. Today, I polished the stairway on my way down to go out. More people were looking at the house when we left.
It's time to get to bed, or relax. I'm not sure which right now. Hopefully, I'll get some new pics in here if I'm done painting. I've kept drawing and decided not to add color unless I feel moved to do it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

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I can only write for about two minutes. (I know the picture is upside down. I started it from our balcony in Cancun about two years ago.) I can't stand the heat in here. The electricity is still screwed up. I told KeeKae we needed more amps and he didn't listen so the same circuit breaker has broken down, unable to be switched back on, four times. This time he slashed his hand while working and can't come fix it. So the AC and the lights don't work in here. A lot of the lights won't work including our bedroom. The kitty litter doesn't reek now so at least that's good. There's one in here. I change it all the time, but poop stinks and I think the kitten doesn't believe in covering.
We just had the upstairs painted because I realized I couldn't do it. I still have to do all the woodwork though. But it's the last of the painting I think. I finished all the woodwork downstairs and in the basement. Not all the lights work around there either so I hope it looks good. However, all the furniture is wacky because Bob the painter didn't put it back. He's coming back tomorrow and that will be the end so I'll be glad to live normally. I get depressed when the house is messed up.
We're doing all this painting and now a 200 amp service but nobody is coming to see the house. Not for two weeks. And when they did come, they ran through in literally five minutes. And didn't like it. They didn't pay any attention to the information about the house and so they were looking for a garage and stuff we don't have. Oh, Autumn's here for petting so I have to go.

Monday, July 03, 2006

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Sensible Reflections on Moving While the Kittens Destroy the Downstairs

Just saying hello. Been painting some walls and lots and lots of woodwork in my house because dirty woodwork is what people notice instead of new bathrooms and windows etc.
Probably have to stop writing because Autumn wants my attention. She and Moon sit on my mouse table usually using the mouse as a pillow--at least she does--and want to be brushed. That came from Sammy Dog. Moon saw how Sammy loved being brushed and now Autumn saw how Moon loves it.
Tomorrow is July 4th. Another deep Summer. It's really hot here and our car air conditioning is broken again. One of our circuit breakers is out too which means a whole lot of electronics are on hiatus too. There are extensions across my walkways waiting to trip me. But I really enjoy my house and my life. I worry a little that I'm not pursuing Art, friends, or activity like I believe is appropriate. But I really enjoy my leisure. Of course, I'm not relaxing now; I'm painting walls every free moment. The floors and rugs are covered with newspaper to limit the amount of paint splatters. I make a mess with this kind of stuff. I'm nervous about what a new house will mean in terms of space, work, and money. I think we're getting in over our heads because of how often Harry likes to eat out and costs of medication and assorted single house costs. In four years, my work medical coverage will end and we'll be on Medicare and Part D if that still exists. I'm doing a "Gone With the Wind" and not thinking about it. I don't know what to do; what would be the best thing to do. I don't want to stay here and mostly it's about for once in my life having a nice house. Before I die. Also living in a different place. Living near Brian. But our doctors and everything besides our kids are up here. This is not sensible; it's psychological heartfelt need.