Wednesday, June 13, 2007

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Month to Month

Just wasting time..for a bit. Time to go water the plants and paint. In a couple of hours, I have to cook dinner. I compromised on the time because I want my painting time. Pretty soon---next week--I'll be swimming Mon, Wed, and Friday. That's a little too much on a regular basis. I used to swim twice a week and that was okay because I liked it and I went later. Now, it will be in the middle of the afternoon. That's the only one we can do because Harry has a medicine that needs to wait five hours before he gets wet. So that's it.

Our son has his house and our daughter, hopefully, has met the man for her. I prayed for a good guy to come onto her scene and it seems my prayers were heard. It seems he is a slight slob and has to be told to do stuff. Sounds like he's a dreamer. He plays the guitar and is a big thinker. I like that and I like him.

I wrote that 6/13 and now it's 7/1. I'm not writing enough. Just watered the front and back yards again. Other than weeds overtaking the flowers, everything looks good. I just glory in the flowers.

I have just a little time now and none later. My shoulder hurts; it aches. It doesn't usually do that because I take Ibeprofen and Neurontin which knocks out that and my back pain. I had more to do today than I had time. I painted for a couple of hours when I "should" have been doing the other stuff. I'll do what I absolutely have to and screw the rest. I have to water the inside plants. I put a lot outside and could put more. It's easier to water them outside. I don't have to take their temperature.

My painting is lovely. I've got two going and I worked on the outside one while the weather was good. I'm painting the garden and having fun doing it. I'm not wearing my glasses so I can't see details well. That's what I want; a kind of soft quality with beautiful color. I was intending to do a "turquoise" painting for over my bed to take up the color of the room; but the painting isn't turqoise. I don't know what color will turn out to be prominent if any. But it won't be turquoise, I'm sure of that. Maybe I can do a fish painting for above the bed. My friend Joalice said it's good for Feng Shui. I'll have to ask her again to make sure. I'm not sure I want fish over my head. I don't really like fish all that much, unless I'm eating them with sauce. When I was a child, I had goldfish and I didn't even like them then. (I like dogs and cats.)

I have to go take Ibeprofen; I'm in too much pain.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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Life After Jerry Is Gone

I want to write often, but I get busy with my psychic diet on-line group, and then I don't have the time. I value psychic phenomena; it fortells future events and also brings me to my beloved family who passed. My abilities didn't return the way they were, but occasionally I can feel a spirit. I still have those special dreams and they're wonderful.

I've got to go. I'm taking orientation to volunteer for a hospice patient. All I want to do is visit once a week, but that's enough. Back later!

I just don't feel like writing everything that's doing and that's a shame.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

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Superior Moving, Rodney Huff, and Bob O'Neill: Not Recommended

Searching on the web, I can find only one place to place a complaint about a contractor and I can't figure out to put mine on there. So I'm going to complain here. The worst were our movers. Even though I knew they were awful from past experience with them, Superior Movers were the only movers in Philadelphia who would pick up and store our boxes until we moved. I didn't really have a choice. When we moved, there were boxes that never got here and it seemed as though they never looked in the storage areas for them. Instead Superior referred us to their insurance company who would pay $.06 cents on the dollar, I think, with receipts. One of the pieces they lost or destroyed was a small hand-made table made by my uncle, a superb craftsman. The table belonged to my parents and came to me when they passed away. How do you put a value on something like that and what can you do about it? The other stuff that never came were boxes of paintings and kitchen stuff. So, who are they? SUPERIOR MOVING
Use Superior Moving at your risk. I think they are the worst ever anywhere.
Superior Moving.
Next...When we needed a contractor here in Newark, I looked in Service Magic. That's the place I can't seem to put my rating in. We hired Rodney Huff. That's Rodney Huff. He's an electrician. He does good work but he didn't usually call back or come after a while. He appeared to be one of those gradually disappearing guys. He had two other guys who worked for him. One usually had alcohol on his breath, I believe. He was Robert O'Neill, also known as Bob O'Neill of Townsend, Delaware. Bob was slick. He crossed out his personal phone number on his card and his phone number is unlisted. After we paid him and the work was still not completed, he never came or called back. That's Bob O'Neill of Townsend, Delaware. Rodney Huff promised to get Bob O'Neill's address, but he never did it. The other guy who worked for Rodney Huff was Chuck Protack. He was not only a nice man, but he was honest and did nice work. The only problem with Chuck Protack was that you got Bob O'Neill with Chuck and Bob O'Neill was a problem. Maybe Chuck Protack stopped working with Bob O'Neill and by himself, Chuck was excellent.
So, the three people or businesses I would warn you about are Superior Moving, Rodney Huff, and Bob O'Neill. I hope this blog comes up when people google their names.