Friday, November 28, 2008

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Heaven Visit

You know I believe I go to "the other side" in my vivid dreams. I believe I did last night. My guardian angel took me, and with my agreement, she handed me over to a friend of my mother's, who took me around. I was in a huge room filled with women sitting around tables that were around columns. They were all thinking. That's it. (It sounds almost identical to scenes I've seen before.)The first table turned around to see me. The first person I remember was my husband's aunt--our favorite. I hugged and kissed her. Then I saw other women I didn't know who looked like women I had known. I was too shy to just go up and hug them, and talked to my guide about it. She encouraged me. There was a wonderful feeling of love coming toward me from those women. I awoke then.
Later, I was upstairs at our old house or my parent's house. My husband's aunts were downstairs and I knew they were agreeing on their negative opinion of my housekeeping. I was disturbed by that and that I didn't get any points for painting.
I hope I told you about my brother coming to my husband. I think I'm getting this because I'm meditating again. I hope I keep it up.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Autumn's Late Fall Report

Hi, this is Autumn Moon again. Now that the election is over, my family is finally getting back to normal. They were so worried; they were forgetting to buy me special treats and food. I’m glad Obama was elected; I don’t think that Navy guy liked cats. He got too angry and I didn’t trust him. Now, Mom has that special chair in her room and I can sleep with her in addition to helping her on the computer. I know she’s more relaxed all the time from my sleeping on her legs. I do that.
Since my last report, those two stray cats who lived in the garage, moved into my house. I can’t stand the little black and white one. He tries to climb on Mom and sleep with her, and that’s only for me. I really hate to lower myself to anger, but I hiss at him, warning him away. Usually, it works, and the other times, I have to hit him. Occasionally, I allow him to have a little Mom-time so he doesn’t get depressed. Depressed felines take all their human guardian’s times.
The little black and white cat has a friend who came in with him. His friend is blond and beautiful like me. His fur isn’t as long as mine is, but most cats do not reach my high level. However, I accept this blond furball because he respects my superiority. He kisses my fur and goes away. Wonderful!
Mom has been feeding a gray cat on the deck. I have been telling her to stop, but she is still doing it. I have not given up. I also told her to contact the Obamas and tell them to get a couple of cats. They are such good people; they deserve the kind of devotion only cats can give.

Editor’s Note: Autumn Moon is a gorgeous, affectionate Main Coon cat but it’s hard to convince her she is not the center of the earth.


Monday, November 10, 2008

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Our Election

HARRY MARTIN POLIS, poet-philosopher

ICQ # 10954537

Last week was unique. It was wonderful. First, the Phillies won the World Series. Then, our candidate, Barack Obama, was elected the 44th President of the United States. All over America, people were crying and dancing in the streets! There was Jesse Jackson, Oprah, and even …….. Matthews crying. And me. For the last two years, along with many other people, I have prayed Barack Obama would become our President. I read the Philly, New York, and Delaware newspapers, and watch the pundits on MSNBC. I understood why it was imperative for our nation to elect Obama. And we did it! I thank God that President Obama won 52% of the vote.
The people who fought for and laid down their lives for Civil Rights are crying for joy. No one believed we would see this day. Children called their parents to share the joy. We have not arrived yet, but we are on the road. It was the time for celebration.
From Kansas and Hawaii, from parents American and Kenyan, a brilliant leader has emerged. We all pray he can bring us out of the pain and sorrow President Bush has brought on us. Truly, there is no one more able. We have elected a man who has a good chance of being great.
Copyright 2008 by Harry Martin Polis and edited by Jaynee Levy-Polis
Harry is available for lectures and entertainment with stories and poetry. Contact SCOOP USA, or e-mail Harry.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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Obama won the presidency! I still think Americans are stupid, don't look for facts, and elect presidents on personality. The economy is in the toilet, so they rejected the Republicans. I never knew college graduates in particular voted for W in the last election. That's definitely a statement and a half. I'm truly thrilled Obama has been elected. Hallelujah!